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Behold! A live charity spectacle!


Horror and hilarity unfold before you in unedited actual play mayhem as our cast explores the classic Cthulhu scenario, "The Crack’d and Crook’d Manse" - for a good cause. A novice investigator of the paranormal is tasked with a missing persons case at an old mansion and gets tangled up with three party-goers who didn't get the memo that the annual Mardi Gras shindig was cancelled.


This symposium of raw, improvised tabletop storytelling isn’t just thrills and chills, it's also a charity event benefiting the Transgender Law Center!

The Crack'd and Crook'd Manse album art with a man being grabbed by a tentacled monster.

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Original score composed and performed by Ryan and Mike McQuinn of Neon Dolphin Music Design


Performed by:
Luke Stram – The Keeper
Cat Blackard | Caleb Del Rio | Sawyer Greene | Joshua La Forge | Dottie Vox

Based on a scenario from Mansions of Madness,
Written by Stuart Boon, Shawn DeWolfe, Gavin Inglis, Christopher Lackey, and Mark Morrison
Published by Chaosium Incorporated

Project Lead, Director, and Livestream Producer: Colin Peterson

Associate Producer/ Sound: John Sebastian LaValle

Cast (In Alphabetical Order):
Cat Blackard as The Narrator/ The Announcer/ Various Roles
Caleb Del Rio as Perseverando "Percy" Gómez de Castellano
Sawyer Greene as Silas Merriweather
Joshua La Forge as René Morel
Dottie Vox as Hazel Martin

Musical Spotlight: "OPM" by Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys

Original Score: Ryan McQuinn and Mike McQuinn
Neon Dolphin - Bandcamp

Special thanks to James DeCola and the Arkham Paranormal Research Society

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