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Demons from the sky, grotesque nightmares, and arcane sciences that can make flesh dust and flesh again - these are but the most recent horrors faced by our ill-fated investigators. However, this intrepid team is hot on the trail of the possible source of their woes: a remote cabin in the Bolton woods.

Content Warning: Psychological trauma, gambling, alcohol use, guns, assault, gore, body horror

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Full Transcript Pending

Original score composed and performed by Ryan and Mike McQuinn of Neon Dolphin Music Design


Written & Performed by:
Luke Stram – The Keeper
Cat Blackard | boR | Nicky Holland | Joshua LaForge | John Sebastian La Valle


Sound Design: Colin Peterson

Editing: Colin Peterson & Cat Blackard

Story Editing: Cat Blackard

Cast (In Order of Appearance):

Cat Blackard & Brandon Gerson as The Sailors

Nina Bernardakis as Nurse Marvel

James Barbarossa as Pelham Grenville

John Sebastian LaValle as Oswald Sinclair

Cat Blackard as Estelle Thorpe

Nicky Holland as Cherry Featherbottom

boR as Kenneth Roger

Joshua LaForge as Moses Ruben Cubbenfield

Melody Perera as Anjana Ramakrishnan

Luke Stram as Woodrow Elias

Cat Blackard as The Narrator/The Announcer

Musical Spotlight: "Furfur" by Heaven Pegasus

Poem by Ryan Sosa

Original Score: Ryan McQuinn and Mike McQuinn
Neon Dolphin - Bandcamp

Series 2 Album Art by Cat Blackard

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