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Go behind the nightmare of The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program's second series with the cast and crew! We're lifting the veil and answering questions asked by YOU! It's a two-part special and you'll find both installments below.

Hear the cast's experiences surviving our improvised production, learn how we meld tabletop roleplaying with audio drama, discover character backstories, and more! Featuring showrunner Cat Blackard aka Estelle Thorpe, Keeper Luke Stram, John La Valle who played Oswald Sinclair, Melody Perera who played Anjana Ramakrishnan, boR who played Kenneth Roger, and our sound designer Colin Peterson serves as your host with the most.

Spoiler Warning: This Q&A should be listened to AFTER you’ve listened to Series 1 and Series 2.

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We answer our most-asked question: how the heck do we make this show?!


Hear how our sinister sausage is made and thrill as we share some of what could have been via alternate paths and timelines. Plus, Cat shares how the creation and performance of Estelle changed her life forever, AND we announce what horrors are to come for the future of Mystery Program!



The cast and crew discuss their favorite moments of the show, unpack "Lot X"'s uncanny intersection of love and horror, reveal secrets of the Arkham Paranormal Research Society, preview of Series 3: "Night in Howling House", and delve into further Mystery Program machinations.

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